• Sheena Moberg

I'm Back in Full Swing!

Sometimes life throws you curve balls! This time last year, I found out I was expecting my second child. We were both shocked and excited at the same time. As an older female with Type II Diabetes, I was considered high risk from the beginning with this pregnancy and I was focusing the majority of my energy towards being the healthiest I could for this baby. Over the last year, I have taken a back seat approach towards my business and other areas of my life. Once Arya was born, she took a good chunk of my energy and what I had left, I focused on my family and other duties. Now that she is starting to be a little less dependent on me and I have adjusted to our new way of life around here, I'm ready to come back full swing!

I'm also redesigning the website and blog. I aim to gear this towards my love of travel, family, crafting and of course, my love for the Mouse himself! I hope you enjoy the new site and please let me know if you have any comments! Looking forward to this new adventure!

How we announced our new bundle of joy!

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