Meet The Mobergs

Meet The Mobergs

First I would like to welcome everyone to our little corner of the Internet. We are a small family from Virginia who have a love for anything Disney and love showing our Disney side.

First Trip as a Family of Three

Who are we:

Up first is me: I’m your narrator, blogger, mother and Disney fanatic, Sheena. I grew up fortunate enough to visit Walt Disney World Resort every three or so years and always had an amazing time on these family vacations. I met my hubby in high school but we didn’t start dating until 6 years after we graduated. We went to Walt Disney World Resort on our honeymoon and have returned at least every other year since. In the last 8 years, we have visited Mickey Mouse five times and still have quite a long Disney bucket list.

Adult Only Trip 🙂

Next is my hubby: Erik is a laid back, kindhearted man who shares the Disney passion with me. He is always up for a trip “home” and has gotten used to hearing the world “Disney” come out of my mouth. He takes a backseat when it comes to the planning and just tells me “you know what I like.” If I’m lucky, sometimes I can get a dining recommendation out of him. Now I just need to convince him that the Disney Vacation Club is in our future.

Making Sure Her Daddy Eats Everything

Then we have our little one: Addison is our fun loving toddler who took her first real trip to the World when she was two. (Technically she’s been twice since I found out I was expecting two days before we took a trip with my parents. I was only three weeks along but still enjoyed an amazing trip and sat aside for a few attractions.) She has a love for all things Disney just like the rest of us and is eagerly awaiting our next trip back. She had such wonder and amazement in her eyes on her first trip that I still get teary eyed just thinking about it.

Ready For Her First Day in the Parks EVER!

Lastly: We have Hazel (Jack Russell, 7 yrs old), Jackson (Dachshund, 6 yrs old), Fire and Ice (Our betas who are in their first year with us). They keep us very busy and sometimes it feels like a zoo around here.

So, why am I here:

I wanted to start blogging to share our love and passion for not only Disney, but also for our family. Over the last few years, I’ve really started to enjoy writing and wanted an outlet, plus, I get chance to share some special moments with the world. I might even have to throw in some Pinterest fails every now and then.

My World


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