Temperature Afghan – 2017 Week 2

Temperature Afghan – 2017 Week 2

Week 2

Yay, I’ve survived and managed to make it to week two and on time!  It’s taking me about a hour a row at the moment and I’m hoping to speed that up in the future! Tonight, both dogs decided they wanted to “help” me in my venture.

Thanks guys! There are two of them!

Here is how it’s looking so far!

Week 2 complete!

Week 1

Wow!  It’s been a good while since I’ve posted in here and I apologize.  Life seems to get in the way sometimes.  I have lots of Disney blogs post running through my brain and I will get starting on them shortly.  In the meantime….

I started teaching myself how to crochet over the past few months and I gotta say, I’m really starting to get the hang of things! I’ve done a few projects and now I’m getting ready to start one that will take me ALL OF 2017 to finish!!!

I’m talking about the temperature afghan!

I had seen them here and there.  Wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to take on something like this (still not 100% sure what I got myself into) but I was getting ready to message my awesome friend Nancy (who owns a fantastic shop in Wilmington, Massachusetts) and I noticed she mentioned it on the Crafting Closet Facebook page.  She was even offering kits to help everyone get started on their own temperature projects.  If you are interested in one, feel free to contact her! On a side note:  If you are ever in her area, stop by.  She is awesome and very welcoming! Now that I knew I had moral support, it was time to press on.

Basically for this project, I’m going to be taking the high temperature from every day over the year and going to be crocheting a row for each day!  I decided to keep it simple with doing single crochets so the length will not go FOREVER!  I decided that I wanted this to be a large afghan that the hubby and I could easily share while watching tv and chillin in the living room.  We tend to fight over the throws.   I was originally going to do 365 stitches a row since there are 365 days in the year but, I cut that down to 300.  Then while I was chaining, I went with 313 cause I like oddball numbers.  Then to give the blanket a little pizzaz, I am doing this afghan with a variation of the Groovy-ghan!  You can check this pattern out here: Kudos to A Creative Being!

I decided to keep my color chart basic and as close to a rainbow as possible.  I went with ranges from 100+ degrees all the was down to 20 and under.  A new color for every ten degrees.  The hubby was kind enough to pick up some containers for me to store my yarn in.  I drilled holes in them to allow the yarn to come though and this helps me keep track of which color to use on different days and I can see how much yarn I still have in each color.  I also have the yarn brands and colors written on the back side of the containers.  I’m also adding white into the rows in which we get snow.  I live in south eastern Virginia so snow is pretty exciting around here.  I also will be adding a grey row in between the months.

My color scheme

I pray that I can keep up with this project.  I’m going to try to post updates to let you know how its going so feel free to subscribe and follow along!

So, this week I got started and will share how we are looking so far:

Here is a quick peek at the first week of progress…and we got snow on day 7!

Thanks for stopping in!!!  Help keep me on track and yell at me if I fall too far behind. Happy Crafting!


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