Hidden Secrets: Liberty Square at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Hidden Secrets: Liberty Square at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Hidden Secrets: Liberty Square at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Hey there everyone! It’s been awhile!

I just got back from an amazing time from the “World” and got to spend a few moments at park opening in one of my favorite areas of the Magic kingdom, Liberty Square!  I know that you’re thinking. Really? Well, yep!  I love this area!  You would think that being from Yorktown, Virginia (which is a colonial area in itself) I would be tired of the colonial decor, but I love it.  My favorite thing about Liberty Square though is the little details that were put into this area.  I tried to remember everything off the top of my head (I forgot my list) so I will only be sharing those that I was able to capture photos of with you today.  I hope you enjoy these little secrets of my favorite area! (Please keep in mind some of these are rumored and some are true.)

Welcome to the colonial days of New World America! Walt loved to keep everything authentic throughout his parks!  When you visit Liberty Square, you may notice there are no restrooms in this land (except for in the full service restaurants).  Back in the colonial times, restrooms we unheard of and so were sewers.  Ever notice the strip of brown pavement that winds its way throughout Liberty Square. Any guesses to what it represents?  It’s the open sewer of for the town.  That’s right, you are walking where the waste that has been thrown from the upper windows of the homes have collected into the street.  You’re Welcome! 

Ever notice that the houses around Liberty Square have two-digit number on them?  These numbers represent the last two digits in the year in which they were popular in the 1800s.  For example, if you add an “18” before them, you will get the full year in which the house style was popular. Pretty cool huh?Now, let’s take a peek at those shutters.  All over Liberty Square you may notice that they are crooked.  During colonial times shutters were hung on the houses with leather.  Over time they would eventually stretch and cause the shutter to become crooked.  You will see this throughout this land.

Have you ever noticed that there is a doll located in one of the windows of the houses within Liberty Square?  It is said that this was done to let firefighters know that children lived within the household in case an emergency happened.

Speaking of firefighters, have you ever noticed the symbol of the four hands holding each other?  This represent the Philadelphia Contributionship that was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1752. The markers on the homes not only showed that the homes were insured but also helped identify the property for the fire brigade and may have swayed others from arson since this was a mutual company and policyholders were shared in profits and loses, leading other policy holders to pitch in when fires broke out. Kinda scary knowing you would be announcing to the world if you were one of the houses that was uninsured?

The Liberty Tree itself is over 100 years old and was transplanted from about 8 miles to its current location in Liberty Square.  It is based off of the original Liberty Tree in Boston that served as a gathering place for the Sons of Liberty in the months leading up to the Boston Tea Party. When I took the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, I learned that the Horticulture Department at Walt Disney World takes pride in the Liberty Tree so much, it has become the focal point for its logo.  Be sure to count how many lanterns hang from Liberty Tree!

There is a replica of the original Liberty Bell casted from the original mold featured in Liberty Square! Although there are rumors that in 1976, each state received a replica of the Liberty Bell in celebration of our bicentennial. Since Pennsylvania already had the original Liberty Bell, they did not want the replica so Walt Disney World asked if they could have it. Pennsylvania agreed and the replica now sits in Liberty Square. This is not true. The plaque in front of the Liberty Bell used to read “The Liberty Bell: For over two Centuries, the Liberty Bell has Symbolized Liberty to Most of America. Cast from the same mole, this bell os a “Second generation” of the Original bell that hangs in Philadelphia. It was cast for WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT in 1989″.  It has since changed to a more fancier description.  For those wondering, Pennsylvania’s replica is in Allentown.

There are also 13 flag poles around the Liberty Bell with the flags of the original 13 colonies.

Just like the doll in the window earlier, a rifle in the window also had a meaning during the wartimes.  When you saw this, this often would mean that the men were home, armed and ready to answer the call to arms if needed.  See the rifle in the second level window?

I also had a few other fun things to show you but I guess they will have to wait until I get a chance to visit Liberty Square again! Also, Hall of Presidents was still under its refurbishment so I was unable to go in and get the little awesome things form there but look forward to updating this blog after I go back!

There was a little peek into my favorite land in Walt Disney World. I hope you enjoyed this and maybe next time you will take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the parks and take a look around at all the details that have gone into everything to make your experience as authentic as possible.


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