First Impressions of Disneyland

First Impressions of Disneyland

So in December, my travel buddy Nedi and I headed to Disneyland for a very special and amazing training experience at Disneyland Resort in California!  We were going to the Disney Agent Education Program! Brandy, our amazing boss with Fairytale Adventures Travel, would be joining us on the adventure the following evening.  We were beyond excited to go and so very thankful to have this opportunity.  We arrived a day or two early so we could have some extra play time, cause who knows when we will be heading to the other side of the states again!  We could not contain our excitement and both had wifi (yay Southwest) and even chatted it up about things from the air before we landed.

Hello Cali!

I got to LAX first and waited down in baggage claim for Nedi to arrive.  She got there shortly after me and we grabbed our bags and were on our way!  We caught our ride from the airport to the hotel on the Super Shuttle.

Together again! Super Shuttle

After we had to stop at what seemed like 10 other stops at LAX, we were finally away from the airport and onto our next adventure. We chatted with another couple in the van with us.  They were from Utah and it was great to hear their excitement for Disneyland as they had been on multiple trips.  We even saw them again a few days later as we waited for Midway Mania.  its a small world after all!

On our way! A little blurry thanks to the skills of our driver!

We checked into the Quality Inn and Suites Anaheim hotel, called the families to report that we were safe and sound, and took a few moments to catch our breath. Then, us being the Disney people we are, we headed straight to Downtown Disney to check things out!  We had a dinner reservation for later in the evening at Tortilla Jo’s but stopped in to see if we could possibly get in a little sooner.  We were starving and so excited that we could go ahead and eat!  Nedi got the nachos (they were ginormous) and I think I had the “pick 2” with a crispy taco and a chicken enchilada.  The best thing I had was my mango margarita.  It was very yummy!  Nedi enjoyed hers but the chips were a little soggy and it looked like you could feed a family of four with it!  Mine was alright but I’m not a big fan of Mexican food (sorry, but it’s true).

It’s been a long day!

We did a little shopping and browsing in Downtown Disney but then decided to head back and prepare for the exciting day we had coming up.

WooHoo! Downtown Disney!

By the end of the night we were exhausted.  Since we were on East Coast time, we jumped in the hot tub for a few minutes to relax and I think we were in bed by about 7:30pm or so.  I quickly did a little interview with Nedi to get a few of her first impressions.

Her first impression was “considering I only went to Downtown Disney, it was, pretty cool, it’s different.”

I asked her what she was most excited for tomorrow.  Her response was “to see the castle and to see Walt’s statute, to walk down Main Street and just to see everything there is.” I wish you could of seen the excitement on her face!

Attractions she was excited for: Matterhorn, Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Main Street…and then we got distracted.

I was just excited to be having a new Disney experience!  I know these parks are like night and day compared to Disney World.  I just wanted to go in with an open mind and was looking forward to sharing this adventure with another Disney Freak!

We were out like a light by about 8:30pm!

See ya real soon!

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